It is NOT clear where the contributed money will go. The end of your web page mentions an organization ‘HOW2’ — but will the contributions end up in your own personal account?

In any event how will the contributions be used? Your post mentions “expenses of what necessarily must become a heavily contested case,” but who exactly is on the legal team?

Recently I checked the West and Martindale-Hubbell database for a “Bob Hirschfeld, JD” but no entries appeared under attorneys admitted to some state bar, including Arizona. Perhaps there was an error, but in any case, please clarify this matter very soon.

Are you personally going to take part in the VAWA II challenge, and if so, in what capacity and in what jurisdiction?

Also note that our club will delete all commercial solicitations to our members. Some solicitations for donations will be construed as SPAM, especially if the solicitor is a non-collaborative member whose primary objective appears to be monetary gain.

So please also clarify the nature of your presence at our club. Thanks.