Actually not that simple

Actually not that simple… for example, one would think that spending say over $50,000 each year in legal fees over five years would produce results for a dad. Not so!

In fact, this example originates from a personal acquaintance. This particular dad falls slightly under my subjective benchmark in terms of timeshare, and pays huge child support.

His attorney runs $275/hour ;-{ Every little detail is contested.

Now that amount above does *not* include psychological support. There is an evaluator on the payroll, and a psychiatrist for the child.

One could ask how much better off this dad would be, if he had simply decided to go pro se, ie. self-representation. (Of course, that requires self-motivation and research initiatives.)

Or one could ask the future value of say $250,000 invested over 12 years, payable solely to the emancipated child.

So did $$$ here bring “justice”? No – that dad still feels he is in the grinder.

Perhaps, we can slightly re-state the proposition as:

“The more $$$ [wealth] you have, the more time you will spend in the family court system.”

Remember, there is an entire industry behind the system.