State of GeorgiaI’m in Georgia.

From what I hear, that’s already a strike against me. The NEWs articles listed GA as 23-27% of GROSS for CS (I’m already using the ‘lingo’!). Now we’re talking $1,600 – $1,900/month. I’m just finding out how unfair the laws can be. I just received a $10,000 raise 2 weeks ago, and we’ve never spent more than $700/month giving our children everything they need. None of this seems to matter.

We seem to agree that I need to be in my children’s lives as much as possible, but due to travel & long hours getting this far in my career, It’s going to be hard to file for joint physical custody. Even if I changed jobs, now I have a ‘minimum income’ of $80k just to afford the child support. Lot’s of ‘Catch 22s’ in this sordid divorce business.

Getting depressing reading the posts, this is one newsgroup I had never planned on joining. Should change my name to ‘Shocked_Newbie’ 😉