I’m the father of two kids (2 & 5yrs/old) and have been married for 8 years. My wife wants a divorce. My wife was a programmer making $50k/year the 1st 3 years of our marriage while I finished school.

She quit when our 1st child was born. Now I’m making $85k/year and she wants $1800/month. She doesn’t want to work. I’m in the process of contacting an attorney, I think she already has. I offered $1300/month; knowing the kids don’t need that much for support.

Where do I stand.. I’m starting on the dark road of Divorce and don’t have a clue.


Criminals have more legal rights than non-custodial parents. In domestic relations court, many times it is only a referee who hears a case, and many times biased and not, I don’t believe, properly trained in law. Their personal bias as to the “best interest of the child” can be affected by their views for or against religion, etc… and many times liberal bias against Christians, but other types of bias also.

Many parents who haven’t had so much as a traffic ticket are denied visitation because an ex-spouse avers “the children are frightened” of said parent. If a jury of peers were to judge the cases heard in domestic relations courts, they might be instructed to disregard hearsay testimony, and many of the unfair rulings laid down there would not occur.

At the time of my divorce in 2001 I was told that if I took all the bills (with the help of no teletrack loans)… gave her all the equity in the house, and gave her all the contents…that they would be reasonable concerning child support. Meaning that they would agree that my support obligation would cease when the children reached the age of 18. Now my youngest is 19 1/2 and she is taking me back to court for support. Indiana state law says that child support is owed until age 21.

The state and the prosecutor are saying my decree, in the terms of the child support agreement, is illegal. this is after the state, by its representative child support prosecutor, and the judge, and the litigants, and their respective attorneys agreed to this. I feel they have a breach of contract suit on the way……as this is unfair, immoral, and was coercion on their part.

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When my husband was that age he was able to choose where he wanted to go. His decision affected both him and his brother. So to say, where he went they sent his brother. It doesn’t matter what laws are written in stone, each judge will do whatever they want!

My husband’s case is still in court (my stepson) and she (stepson’s mother) has been served an eviction because of how disgusting she leaves her apartment, and has been caught collecting welfare under 2 names. etc etc. A long list has been collected of things like this since august and we go to court in less than 2 weeks. We have also have been denied visitation since may 30th 2000.

My husband took my son to his brothers school on his lunch hour to visit (first time since may) and guess what he was absent. My son bawled his eyes out because he couldnt see him. Does the judge do a thing? Nope still not yet. Dont rely on laws… They’re not always upheld!