You have the makings of a good page – but you need serious help with alignment and spelling.

As for the Why? question – because since the dawn of time, males gave – yes, gave – the task of raising children to the females – and for a very long time, it was all we had. There’s a statement on a club with Yahoo that says – I grew into the Dad I didn’t want – sadly, we have a bad habit of perpetuating that which we live.

Your father was too busy for you, and now, because of social expectations and work habits, we become too busy for our children.

Just as it took – and is still taking – years to create equality for females and those of color, it will take additional decades for fathers to receive the just due for those who want to claim it. There will always be those who don’t want to claim their fatherhood as a prize, tainting those of you who do.

The question remains – how much and what are you willing to give up for your children? Women consistently lose job promotions because of the choices we make of our children over all else. Again, like with fathers, not all women are like this, but they are out there.

It’s a puzzling and sad social problem.