Ok, here is my situation. I am married with two boys 10 and 6. My wife worked full time up until about 6 months ago when she cut back to part time to “spend time with the children”. She never has been much in the housework category, I’m not talking minor things here either, she cleans if someone is coming over or if we’re out of clean dishes. Otherwise the dishes sit dirty, leftover food doesn’t get put away etc, it gets pretty bad.

Part of the agreement with her cutting back to PT was that she would keep the house clean. Well she hasn’t done it I still work full time and manage to keep the house clean, laundry done, etc… She also doesn’t spend time with the kids, I work at home so I know exactly what she does all day which is watch tv, and play on the internet.

I am an Assistant Leader for my oldest son’s Cub Scout Den, try to take him to the movies once a month just the two of us, and spend time playing with my youngest son. My wife doesn’t get along with my oldest son at all she is always yelling at him for little things, I used to do the same thing and saw the error of my ways and now I have a very good relationship with him. My youngest son has always been a Daddy’s boy if he’s hurt he comes to me, when he wakes in the night, he comes to me. I could go on with more, but I think I’ve given a pretty good synopsis of my situation.

Now for the question, what are my chances at getting my children in a divorce? I can’t take living like this anymore, my kids are seeing that its ok not to clean, and I don’t want them growing up like that.

Sorry for the long rant.